Storage Tips

Published on 1/25/2022

Tips on Storing Your Items


Getting worried about any of your belongings is the last thing you want when looking for temporary storage or a long-term solution to the clutter. Nothing can be better than renting a storage unit. There are thousands of facilities in the US, including Extra Room Storage in Greenwood, Mississippi, that is well-known for protecting all your valuables in a controlled room. Therefore, you can easily find a self storage rental that will be convenient and also cost-effective.

However, before you toss any of your cherished possessions into a storage unit, you should have a complete awareness of the right ways to prep and pack all the necessary items for storage. This way, you will be using your self storage space as efficiently as possible in order to get the bang for your buck.


How to store all your items in the storage unit?

In order to move your belongings to the storage unit, you need to make sure that you properly pack them so that these belongings can stay in perfect condition. From making the inventory list to protecting all the items from any elements, the following tips can be very useful to store your belongings.

·         Decide on the personal belongings to put in storage

The primary step for you is to consider whether or not it is necessary to store something before you put anything inside the storage unit. As a beginner, you may need a large storage unit that can be a little costly. Therefore, before you store anything, it is better to consider whether each item is worth storing or not.


·         It is better to create an inventory list of the items

When you take your items for storage, there are chances that you may forget many of the things that need to be put there. So, before packing these belongings, it will be a good idea to create an inventory list of the items that you want to store. This includes any furniture, painting, or smaller items, as this way, you will be able to keep everything organized.


·         Clean and vacuum all the belongings

Nothing can be worse than retrieving any of your items from the storage unit only to stink up your home with its bad scent. In order to avoid this, it is necessary for you to clean and vacuum all the belongings, including couches and cushions, before you place them in a self storage space.


·         Label all the boxes clearly

It would help if you had a bunch of boxes when moving the items to the storage unit. It is better to make sure that these cardboard boxes are sturdy enough to withstand storage for a long time. As you will not be able to remember what is inside the cardboard box, therefore, labeling each of them in a careful and clear manner will be very helpful for you.


·         Disassemble any big items

If you have any large items like the dining tables and beds, it is better to disassemble them before placing them into the storage. This will not only save you a lot of space but will also be helpful in protecting your belongings from any wear and tear.

Extra Room Storage fulfills all your storage needs

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Bottom Line

There are a few other things for you to consider when you prepare your stuff for self storage. These include the quality of the packing supplies, the size of the unit, as well as its safety and security. When you have all of these features in your storage unit, you will surely have peace of mind because no matter how well your things are organized, you always need some space to store your stuff