When You Need Climate Controlled Storage

Published on 1/25/2022

When is Climate Control Storage Needed?


There is no doubt that the basic self storage facility might be enough for your business or household items, but there are times when the basic self storage may not be sufficient to store the valuables. Climate controlled storage can be useful, as it is recommended for certain sensitive items like electronics, antiques, musical instruments, and even fine art.

People who would like to store their items for a short period of time may stick to traditional storage, but those who have expensive and irreplaceable things should consider climate control. So, when you know that your items are stored at a proper temperature, you will surely have significant peace of mind.


What is climate controlled storage?

This is a kind of storage option where the storage facility's temperature and humidity remain fixed. It should never be confused with a temperature controlled storage unit, whereas its purpose is to make sure that any stored items remain protected against humidity, cold, and heat. It is worth mentioning that any item that can warp, discolor or crack in high temperature or moisture must be kept in a climate controlled space.


When do you need climate controlled storage?

It is possible to store any item in the climate controlled storage unit, as it is a facility that offers a comfortable storage environment. However, some items are necessary to be placed in such a storage unit to prevent any damages.

·       Any wooden items

It is a fact that extreme temperatures can warp any item made of wood. Wooden furniture, musical instruments, or small keepsakes can be more sensitive to temperature as compared to other items. The wooden items can also be susceptible to moisture damage that can be quite common in humid temperatures, and this is when it gets important to keep these items in climate controlled storage.


·         Electronics

These days, electronics have become very common, and heat has the potential to damage these appliances severely. It is worth noting that extreme cold can also be dangerous for such items, as freezing temperatures can make them become permanently damaged.


·         A car

A few self storage facilities have storage big enough for the vehicles. Although it is quite common to store cars in traditional storage, climate controlled storage can give them additional protection. Therefore, such storage units can be great for convertibles and sports cars, especially when winter weather can get a bit dicey.


·         Sentimental items or important documents

Several other types of belongings like family heirlooms, antiques, photos, and other important documents can suffer damage if these aren't stored in a proper manner. Climate controlled storage units can protect all these valuable items from losing value or fading.


Why Extra Room Storage is the best

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Final Words

These days, most self storage units offer climate controlled storage options, while there are some that don't. Therefore, it is better to assume that the facility that you are looking for already has this option. In order to differentiate between temperature control and climate control, you can check the website, as well as what sizes are offered by these storage units. It is also important to ask about the humidity levels to make sure that no items get damaged.