Moving Tips

Published on 1/25/2022

Tips on Moving Your Items


It can be a stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming task to move your items to mini storage. Whether you are planning to relocate the business, downsize or move your house, placing the access belongings into the storage facility can surely make your life a lot easier in a time of stress.

When people take a do-it-yourself approach when it is about moving to storage, but if you have to store the entire house in between the moves, then the best idea is to choose the movers for stashing the household items. In order to have a smooth moving process to the storage, you need to avoid any packing, moving, and storing mistakes.


Helpful tips for moving your items

It can be complicated to move any items to the storage unit until you have complete detail and a proper plan for them. Therefore, you need to follow a few tips on the must-haves for moving your items to a storage facility.

·         Get detailed information about the movers

Before you rent mini storage, it is necessary to get a proper answer from the movers regarding the sort of vehicle to be used by the movers. The majority of companies use moving trucks, but there are many that use trailer that is pulled by a pickup truck. Try to get information about the type of the vehicle and all its dimensions.


·         Reserve a storage unit quickly

It is better to reserve a storage unit when you know that you will be moving soon. You can start packing with this extra time instead of waiting for the last moment. Whether you have to declutter the home or pack up the apartment to clean it thoroughly, having some space to put your boxes will surely make your home welcoming and stress-free during the moving process.


·         Make sure that the moving truck will fit

When you know the type of vehicle, the next step is to make sure that it can easily fit the storage unit. As most storage facilities maximize their units and number of buildings, it can result in some tight turns to reach the facility. So, you would never want to know on a moving day that the vehicle would not be able to fit the facility.


·         Plan a moving day in advance

Whether you are moving your home, relocating the business, or placing any items into the mini storage, planning your moving day a few weeks in advance makes it very easy to move things and organize your storage unit. In order to get some assistance in the entire moving process, you will surely need some extra hands, which means that you can book a removal team.


·         Try to avoid the peak moving hours

Normally people move their stuff on the weekends or on weekdays after work, as this could only be the duration that matches their schedule. If you are to pay the movers by the hour, you have the option of cutting down the cost by moving on weekdays at work hours when there are few people in the way.


Why choose Extra Room Storage?

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No matter what you do to ease your stress during a move is surely worth the effort. If you can put all the items in a mini storage facility when packing, it surely is helpful in reducing the clutter in your home and the stress in your life. This way, you will not have any anxiety about the deadlines that are associated with your moving process when you have to rent a storage.